Reverie vs Reality

And at the very worst of it, I don’t even know which one is better out of the two.


A state or delusion in which things appear more beautiful than they are.


But, honestly, I like for people to figure all these things out about me before I need to tell them. I am 50% open book and 50% closed.

Easy Like Sunday Morning

I guess there’s three steps to healing: inhale, survive, and adapt. The love and loss will come in rushing, sudden motions. Just breathe, stay afloat. Survive, make it through. And adapt. Accept the change.

3 A.M

People need to know that it really is O.K to not always feel O.K.


Here’s the thing with toxic people: you can’t live with them and for some odd reason you just can’t live without them. There are so many reasons to leave and two reasons to stay – love and comfort.

Disconnect to Connect

Spend time with the people that have an impact in your life. Give them time, give them thanks, and give them love.


Human relationships transpire off of vibes.

Busan, South Korea

I feel like since I documented my trip to Hong Kong/China, I set myself up to a job of documenting all travels. Which isn’t a bad deal, I get to sort of relive my experience while sharing it all with you. It was a long, long route.  I started at Boston’s Logan International Airport to…

The 20s

Confirmed: Adulting officially sucks.