I got asked the other day what I like and I kind of just channeled my inner statue and froze.  In a few words I said, ah, I don’t know.


Good talk, Adele.

Such a Chatty Cathy you are.


This happened for a couple of reasons: I don’t enjoy talking about myself, and I never really thought about what I like.  I just go about my days.

It’s been pressing me ever since.  I’ve been thinking about it over and over.  I can’t go back and change my thoughtless response, but I’m here to lay it all out now:

I like to write.  I like to write about personal experiences or just putting myself in pre-meditated situations.  I like to be on a personal level with people.  I like to be their light.

I like to sing.  I like to believe I can sing well, but it doesn’t matter to me too much because I’ll still sing anyway.

I like to make a fool out of myself; not in a sloppy way but in an entertaining, free way.

I like Mondays after work, when I visit my nephew and niece.  They mean the world to me.

I like waking up in the morning and cracking jokes with my mother.  When we do, I know it’s a good start to a great day.  I will laugh about it until later.

I like making my father laugh.  To humor the funniest person I think is alive is an accomplishment.

I like to travel.  I like to see the world.  I like coming home and hugging my blankets, and thinking I did it.  I’m back.

I like plain, black, hot coffee.

I like green tea.

I like dogs.

I like huge windows that bring in natural light.

I like warmth over being cold.

I like flowers.  They make me smile.

I like taking pictures and looking at them a million times after.  They help improve my terrible memory.

I like to be good company.

I like to be kind.

I like baseball.

I like learning new words.

I like telling the weirdest, most random facts that really aren’t useful, but knowledgeable nonetheless.

I like my middle name.  I think it’s different.  It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did so now I live with it.  That’s why I like it; it became a way of living.

I like my bond with my younger brother.  It fills a certain place inside of me to know I can teach someone about life.

I like knowing my family thinks highly of me, they say I’m fun, well-mannered, and sweet.

I like my honesty.  I know sometimes it’s better left unsaid, but it’s a part of me I can’t, and don’t want to, change.

I like neon yellow.  My favorite color.

I like to smile and laugh, a lot.  Until my cheeks hurt and my eyes water.

I like my sign, a Scorpio.

I like A to represent myself when it comes to posts and platforms.  Almost like X marks the unknown.  It’s one big wild game.

I like to read.

I like to clean.

I like to workout………when I do workout. Whoops.

But, honestly, I like for people to figure all these things out about me before I need to tell them.  I am 50% open book and 50% closed.

Constantly a work in progress.

Will forever need to be continued.





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