3 A.M

I saw a post on Instagram today and thought ‘wow, how true.  What a brilliant way to look at it’.  I attached it below.



I just thought that was amazing.

We tend to get caught up in bullshit that completely clouds our better judgement.  I’ve trained myself over the past years to become a person who just needs to let it go.  It is what it is.  But I believe it will all happen in full swing as it should.  When it fails I just analyze until it slightly makes sense to me.  Or I make shit up in my head so I can pretend it makes sense to me because at that point it probably has exhausted my thought process.

Do you have a problem?  Yes?  Can you do something about it?  Yes?  No?

Doesn’t matter – don’t worry about it.

I am a person who wakes up at 3 AM at least four times a week.  Quiet hours, right?  But that’s when I think.  I lay there and I wonder.

And I wonder..and I wonder..and I wonder..

I came across such a powerful video the other about depression and being depressed.  I really listened to it and made sure every word was being heard.  It resonated with me, as I think it does/could with many others.

Often times when something goes wrong it has the ability to affect us in ways we don’t think we can get over.  The stress of a job, relationship, the pain of others – it adds up.  I also think that as humans when we don’t get something we want or something doesn’t go our way we naturally tend to flip the switch real quick.  You more than likely hear “I’m depressed” instead of “I’m going through a depression”.  I admittedly have said it before, “I’m feeling depressed lately.”  But after watching this video attached below, I quickly learned how to say it differently, because it matters.


Some people really needed to hear that.  It just takes something so, so small to send the walls of our world crashing.

In the hours I mentioned I lay awake, I ask myself “Why the hell did this happen?”  I get angry.  I get frustrated.  All at 3 AM.  I don’t know at what, sometimes myself for not saying or doing things I think could have changed it all.

But I learned that sometimes it’s out of my control.  No matter what I could have said or done differently, he/she was going to do what they were was going to do.  Could this have played out differently?  Maybe.  So what can I do now that it’s done?  Nothing.  Keep on keeping on.

Honest, I’m so torn between religion identity if any at all, but this something I always remember that I read before:


grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change,

courage to change the things I can,

and wisdom to know the difference.

It always stuck with me.  I think between that Instagram post, YouTube video, and the popular Serenity Prayer, it’s all important things to think about at 3 AM instead of what I do now.  It all boils down to how to live a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a balanced mentality.

People need to know that it really is O.K to not always feel O.K.  Talk to someone.  Write.  Take a 40 minute nap.  Go for a walk.  If you ever feel like you’re going through a mental breakdown, just make sure to heal from it properly.  Make a list of things you need to keep and what you need to get rid of, whether it’s people, things, or little pieces of memories that just sit on your shoulder.  Everything is temporary.


A word for those who feel a little lost sometimes: you’re never alone as you may feel.




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