Disconnect to Connect

We live in a world where our smart phones are our alarm clocks, telling us when it’s time to get up for work.

It’s also the same world where if a person doesn’t have a case on their smart phone it must mean they’re a risky person.

Call me risky.

I couldn’t care any less about my cell phone – truly.  The majority of my usage on it goes into taking pictures, developing them, and then deleting them off my phone.  It’s a relief in my head that I won’t have anything to lose if something happens to it.  I don’t care about missed calls or a voicemail from 8 days ago.  I don’t care about who has messaged me.  I don’t care about what is happening on social media.  I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care.

We live in a world where if we don’t have social media, at least one platform, you have no fucking idea what is happening around you.

Sadly, it’s the same world that if we don’t have any social media platforms, you have no connections with anyone.  Signing in is like the new bar-hopping.  How will you meet anyone, and potentially grow feelings for anyone if you guys don’t follow each other?!

This is crazy.

I use my Snapchat to document my travels, or moments with people that I love.

I use my Instagram account to hang my interests: traveling, family, friends, and views I find beautiful.

I use my Facebook to share interesting videos whether they’re comedic or knowledgeable.  Very rarely do I “rant”, but occasionally I post my opinion on things that I think matter such as; bullying, addiction, mental health awareness or a simple message to spread positivity and be kind to one another.  I don’t intend to offend anyone.  I linger between trying to be politically correct and just doing my thing.  I just do what I do.  The majority of posts on my page are shared ones.  I don’t look for anyone’s approval.  I don’t care about the likes or shares.  I just voice my opinion like anyone else, and hope it does good.

We are missing these moments.

When you’re at a family/friend gathering, I bet you spend a great time on your phone.  When you’re at a concert, I bet you fill the time with taking videos or pictures.  When you’re at the beach, I bet you spend a total time of 10 minutes just trying to find service, or using your hand as a visor to block the sun from your eyes while you’re looking at your phone screen.

I drive by people on the highway who are scrolling through their feeds instead of watching the road ahead.  When did it become so important, that you risk safety to check status updates, stories, and posts??  I just ask, how did we get here?

I am wondering how you got to your destination and I’m wondering how we got here as people.

How did we become so incredibly consumed with the lives of others?  Of the people you can call and talk to, or even go visit, of the those you just met, and even of the those who you never have met at all?

Spend time with the people that have an impact in your life.  Give them time, give them thanks, and give them love.

Go fishing.  Better your health.  Fall in love.

Do something other than watching someone else do all of these great things.  Go to the bar by yourself and have a drink.  Take it all in, by yourself.  We as humans need a lot of me time.  We need to be greedy with ourselves.

If you have absolutely nothing to fill the time, get a part time job or volunteer somewhere.  Just be useful.  Feel useful.

Working at a desk, you may have some time do other things other than work.  Don’t sit there glued to your phone.  Save the juice; go online and read articles, whether it’s informational or comical.  Find answers to your random questions (stay away from WebMD!!!).  Print recipes.  Look up at home, outside, or gym workouts.  Munch on celery with hummus (currently me), instead of Cheez-Itz (which I love).  Find a place to travel to – look up their daily lives, their culture.  Just make use of the time you have and find ways to make a better version of yourself.

I promise you, what you will see on social media is painted so well just for that purpose.  Don’t be that person that goes to a party asking, “did you see that thing on Facebook?”

I live by the words ‘disconnect to connect’, and once you do it – you’ll then understand it.

Here is an idea: Before you edit and post that picture of beautiful flowers on Instagram, stop and smell them first.  I mean that.





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