Let’s jump right into it and say that you can’t force anyone to feel the same as you.  No one will feel your love, except you.  It’s not a test.  It’s the truth.  When you start feeling all these crazy things for someone, it’s compared to crack.  But, I swear, sometimes I would have rather been high on crack than high on a lost love.  Either way, it still left me trippin’.

Human relationships transpire off of vibes.  It’s when you know this could be a thing.  Whether it’s a friend or a partner.  But, you can’t force it.  That’s like you giving 90% and the other giving 10.  In other words, it ain’t shit.

You have to know that things come and go.  That’s what it’s all about, baby.  Comin’ and goin’.  You get just the perfect amount of time to feel the impact.  To feel the print they left.

You get this little itty bitty feeling in your gut, urging you to keep going or back away.  It’s solely on you whether you listen or not, but personally – I’ve never disobeyed it.


Energy speaks volumes.  Give yourself time.  Give you both the chance to process and grow within the time you’re given.  You or they might say something that sends sparks flying in every direction, and finally, it all connects.

Get your chakras aligned, and figure yourself out.


Either way, good luck.  Let the vibes take you away with a blessing or a lesson.  Allow the wheels to keep on spinning, no matter what.  It is what it is, and it is what it isn’t.  It’s black and white, really.

Time and fate make for one hell of a cocktail.  Drink up and enjoy.





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