Insane Is The New Sane

We are all insane and that is the truth.

And that’s ok.  It’s normal.  Being insane is actually…sane.

It’s Tuesday the 9th of February, and I’m looking for changes in my life.  I often go through days just like this: when I feel like I have a “S” on my chest and can suddenly save myself from all the negativity a person can possibly go through, big or small.

But let me be realistic real quick.  What I allow is what will continue, so that’s a key thing to remember.  Being a human is hard enough and there is no good reason to make it harder.  I need to be motivated and creative with my game plan.

My first thing I need to set my mind to is good health.  I want to be healthy inside from head to toe, as well as my outer shell.  I want to glow.  I want to look at myself and see that I’m radiating in great health mentally and physically.  And at this point – I think feeling good is my goal.  You thinking I look good is just a plus.

I just need a change.  New beginnings.

Maybe I need a hair-cut.  Maybe trying to grow my hair out to long from short is not what I should be doing.  Maybe a blunt, shoulder-length haircut will best suit me.

Maybe I need to change my cell phone number.

Maybe I need to disconnect from my three social media accounts.

Maybe I need to go on a trip.

I don’t want to just survive.  I want to live.

Not every day will be like today.  Tomorrow I may be bummed out.  We as people just go through those phases with our mind, body and soul and it’s not unusual.

Don’t be afraid to do what humans do.

A friend of mind sent me a text message the other day and asked if it’s normal wanting to cry even over the littlest things that are petty, realizing she hasn’t had a break down in a while.  I said “That is normal.” And it is, there is no lie in that.  Cry away.  You have to remind yourself that you can feel all the feels, and you should start worrying when you haven’t in a while!  We all go through it, and it’s nothing to shy away from.  Bring on the water works and smile after.

And maybe open the wine.

I came across a random fact that states “stress literally kills your brain.  Studies have found that months of exposure to stress can permanently destroy neurons in your brain, which affect learning, impulse control, reasoning and memory.”  Okay, okay.  It was Uber Facts on Instagram.

Freeing yourself is a constant work in progress.  You need to connect with yourself and really take time to see what you’re working with.

Routines are no fun after a while.  We all need something new to do every now and then.  Find what interests you, try new things when the chance is given to you.  You and your body begin to feel run-down and useless if you never have anything new to be proud or excited about.  Set a goal and crawl towards it.  You don’t need to run full force at it and get it over and done with right away.  That takes the satisfaction out of it.  A goal is something special because when reached you’re supposed to feel full of life.  Feel achieved.  I want you to look back at your journey and be so overwhelmed with joy that it inspires someone else.  That’s what I want you to do.  I want you to be inspired and I want someone to catch that vibe from you.  I can’t resist saying what I always say – love yourself first.

Maintain your insanity to keep you a little sane.  It’s what we’re all doing these days.

Just be more optimistic of your abilities and where they can take you.

Get more sleep.

Drink more tea.

View positive, motivational articles or videos.

Be a little crazy.






Good luck from A to U.




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