THE WAR: Guns vs Drugs

I am not on board with people saying the war on drug addiction is more important than gun control.

Do you walk into a movie theater, mall, Time Square or Downtown Boston on edge because you imagine someone is going to come run up to you with a syringe and have heroin meet your veins?  Because I don’t.

But I do imagine that one of these loosely-wired humans just might be carrying a weapon for no good use.

Those who are fighting an addiction can enter a rehab, if they are willing.  They are fighting their own personal demons.  They are destroying themselves.

But when you’re in front of a gun of someone unstable controlling it, how many options do you have for safety?  Is that you self-destructing?  Did you ask to be someones target?

You tell me.

I’ve been on both ends.  This isn’t picking sides.  I’m just not understanding how you can compare a battle with yourself to a battle with the world?  I’ve had people suffer from addiction.  To see them suffer makes us all go down because we just hope and hope that they will want to change, want to restore their health, and not die sooner than they should.

Their addiction was never a secret.  How many times did we tell them that the drugs were going to kill them?  HOW MANY?  I’m not taking jabs at anyone’s loved ones – but that is their choice.  Anything that makes your body and mind act differently will always be MORE THAN YOU CAN HANDLE, OVERDOSING IS NOT “MORE THAN HE/SHE COULD HANDLE.”  It’s just the straw that broke the camel’s back.  At the end of the day, the user, in reality, is only hurting themselves.  Yes, we worry for them, yes we cry for them, but that’s all that is happening to us.

I live in Massachusetts.  Maybe you have heard stories, maybe you haven’t.  But trust me.. I know.  I know how the heroin “epidemic” is.

There are safe havens in the world that openly allow users to use on.  In those safe havens are supervised by medics in case of emergency, there are therapists if a user then chooses to seek help.  They provide clean and sterile equipment for you to get your daily intake to feed your addiction.  It’s a place where addicts can take and use their drugs and not seek arrest.  If they want to do their drugs then there is a place to do it.  No one will lecture you to change your life against your wishes.  And plus, the prisons will have space for real criminals; for the people that actually need to be away from society.  We never want to egg-on an addiction, but if you’re not the addict then it’s not in your hands to continue or not.

You don’t go to the grocery store and come home anticipating a phone call that so and so has just been killed in a shooting at a bowling alley.  But lately, I bet you do, huh?  Does anyone understand what I’m saying?

They are very two different battles and shouldn’t even be compared.  This is rattling me right now.

It’s just one of those things that I feel like my opinion matters when it doesn’t, but this is what I posted on my Facebook.  I never, ever “rant” on my social media:

Fully disagree with this picture.  Not sure how the war of being an addict is the same as people walking around like loose cannons shooting people?  Two very different battles and should not be compared.  I’ve never walked into a movie theater, mall, Time Square or in Boston thinking someone is going to run up and stab me with a syringe as whatever flows into my veins – but I have thought that one of these crazy asses just might be carrying a gun with bad intentions.  You have an addiction? Ok go to rehab.  You have a gun? Ok well nothing I can do there except hope no one gets hurt.  There’s steps to gun control, what are the steps for preventing drug abuse?  Go around and raid everyone’s houses in the US so then it will finally be gone for about 2 days? K right on it.  The war on drugs is very important, very scary, and maybe a little neglected but no one made anyone try drugs and repeat.  And to say it’s more important than innocent people who didn’t choose to get injured or die from someone behind a gun is just bizarre to me.

The same people that are posting that the war on drugs is more important than gun control are the same people that are posting articles about people and animals being shot.  Why doesn’t the media post about overdoses anymore as much?  Because that shit is old news, my friend.  Can’t help those that don’t want to be helped.  If they can’t find it here then they’ll find it there.  The world will never be free of substances, and that’s just facts.  But… for unsuspected people, a person who you would probably never even imagine, aim to harm you – that’s not more important than drug intake?  That’s not a little bit of a bigger issue right now?  That’s not a little bit more important than someone’s desire to be high???????

So you’re telling me that this war on drugs is more important than gun control?

That’s more important than helpless, little kids dying at school?

That’s more important than families dying at movie theaters?

That’s more important than parents hesitating to take their children to carnivals, parades, and any big crowds?

Wow.  Should I wake up or should America?





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