101: Friendships

I have a small and secure circle of close friends.  Some I talk to every day, a couple times a week, a couple times a month, or not in months.  But eventually, we catch up.

I love those friendships.

It’s awesome when we come in contact after some time because we talk about things almost in an excited manner, as if we’ve been lost for months.

I have these types of relationships with a few people.  They could be down the street, or living in a different state.  We’re totally okay and always have been okay like this, and that’s what makes it unique.

Here are three great, different friendships that are effortlessly well kept to give you an idea of what I mean:

I have a friend who moved down to Florida, Haley, who I maintain this with.  Even when she did live 30 minutes away from me we still didn’t talk all the time outside of working together.  We got together when we got together and it was always a hell of a time and that’s what kept us close.  We’re both the same person in a lot of ways, driven by family, success/business, and then friends.  I can tell you that every time we do get together, it’s never a bore.  We don’t miss a beat.  It’s non stop laughs, non stop agreeing, and non stop “Dude, this is why I love you!!!” We both get that sense when it’s been too long but it’s never a concerning amount of time.  We communicate through social media and text messages when not together.  That is what works for us, but I will always say she’s one of the realest friends I have and we are proof that distance doesn’t take a toll on a friendship.

Another friend, Jessica, who pretty much has always lived down the street from me.  We hung out a handle full of times, but when we younger we were always on the phone!  We were like best friends without calling each other best friends.  I’ve been through a hell of a lot with her!  We just never hung out as much.  Now, we’re older and she’s a manager at the gym I “go to” (lol, pay for), when I’m there we catch up before, in between, or after my workouts.  Now that we’re both over 21 we go out for drinks.  We always pick up where we left off with no hassle and she knows I will always be that phone call away.  Again, we are alike in many ways and that’s why the friendship is distant – but normal.  A fully functioning friendship no matter what.  It has never alarmed us that we haven’t talked in months, and trust me – we have gone months.  It’s just how we roll and we don’t hold that against each other.

Then, I have my first-runner up best friend, Miranda, who is like a sister, and we talk every day and see each other all the time.  This is who I grew up with, like I said is like a sister, and that’s why this is our normal flow.  We just naturally can’t end a day without talking to each other or then something will feel off.  That’s when a red flag may get raised.

I mean, you will obviously have many of those fly-by friendships.  Talked a lot because you only worked together.  Talked a lot because you thought you had that friendship that would progress and flourish.  But you know how it will turn out all based on how it already is.  Whatever it is, it’s okay.  As long as you know where you stand with someone, there will never be any doubts.  As long as it’s consistent it will never feel wrong.  This is how we do things and it’s all done mutually.  Every friendship of mine has it’s own schedule and way of how it sticks together, and there’s really no way to make it better because they’re already stamped and secured.

See you when I see you, but I’m always right here for you.



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