JinJiang to Hong Kong


So, JinJiang was pretty much all industrial.  There was nothing striking to the eye.  I visited our company factories, watching a shoe in production was kind of neat to see.  Step by step.

After a day in the factories, we went out for lunch at a Chinese restaurant.  I may have said this before, but do not go to China expecting to eat the Chinese food you have in America.  Crab Rangoons are not a thing, boneless spare ribs are not a thing.  That’s actually considered Polynesian food, or American-Chinese food.  Dur.  I’ve noticed that they really love their pork over there.  I’m still trying to forget that I saw a truckload of pigs drive by me.  Not a fan of pork to begin with, but I really didn’t want to eat meat or seafood while overseas.  I didn’t want to insult them by not trying it, but I didn’t want to insult them by trying it and feeling sick after, either.  I stayed as clear as I could and I pretended that I was a vegetarian the whole time.

I don’t have too much to say about JinJiang.  I didn’t see much, honestly.  I went from the hotel to our office, the whole 3-4 days I was there.  We did go to the mall one night to eat a Thai cuisine restaurant, nice mall + nice restaurant.  I noticed that a restaurant, when it’s a party of people, the tabletops spin.  Which I thought was a really, really great idea.  Below, that’s my finished plate in front of me.  I HAD to have Coca-Cola because they didn’t “sell water”?????


On our last night in JinJiang we went to a restaurant, Piggy’s Bistro, in Quanzhou – which is next door to JinJiang – with two of our co-workers, Jacky and Catherine.  It is owned by a Korean American, and I could instantly tell he was a great owner, and probably a great guy.  It was a small place, but totally comfortable.  I sat facing the window and street, and outside sitting with a group of friends at an outside dining table was the owner.  For some reason, he made a connection with me and wouldn’t stop smiling and waving at me.  I wouldn’t say he was hitting on me, just very friendly but he almost convinced me that we knew each other for how much eye contact he was making with me throughout my stay there.  Anyway, I had pasta.  Go carbs!  It was a great place with a mixture of different foods, so if you happen to be in the area I would for sure visit there if I were you!

After dinner I thought we would go back to the hotel providing that we were due to leave at 4 AM, T-hours.  Nope.

In Quanzhou, I would assume this was the hoppin’ spot.  It was an outside plaza, area, place.  It had many bars and restaurants, I think a few stores.  It was honestly a very attractive and fun place.  I was so into observing, and I did take pictures of the surroundings but then I deleted them because I forgot I was going to mention this.  But it was a great vibe there, there was live music playing in each of my ears.  One place, in a foreign language, maybe Chinese.  And in the other ear it was English.

We sat at one of the outside bars, The Brickyard of Quanzhou.  Canadian owner this time.


Jacky ordered a handle of vodka, Absolute.  I made a promise to myself to not drink on business trips.  I’m a young woman travelling with an older man on a business trip, why would I drink?

Well, the boss man drank.  9 glasses of vodka, with a splash of a chaser.

I didn’t, I didn’t want to drink.  I’m really not much of a drinker anyway, I have to be in the mood to drink and even then I nurse it for the longest time.

Our bartender, Chris, was hot.  He started telling us about his life story, why he is here and how get there to begin with.  To sum it up:  Bit by the travel bug, stayed, opened a brewery, and now has a life for himself in China all at 18 years old.  I’m shaky on the age detail, he seriously looked 26.  One more time in case you forgot, he was hot, but he was also extremely friendly and outgoing.  Working in a bar/restaurant is the business for him, I think.

I eventually had to go to the bathroom, and in this outside-plaza-place, there was a public bathroom.  NO “Western toilets”, which is a normal toilet for us Americans.  So I had to squat and hate my life for the entire time I was peeing.  It was awkward, but it was over.  *Always carry tissues or wipes with you when travelling overseas*  Washed my hands, returned back to the table.

All of a sudden, the hottie bartender is pushing to get me a drink.  I have to deny because I did not want to drink, I didn’t think it was that hard to understand.  He kept making his cute little comments, “Please, let me buy you a drink,” “c’mon!  I’m even throwing in flirtation!”, “What, you don’t trust this guy? (pointing to my boss), I would probably trust him with my life and I just met him!).  With his playful and what seemed innocent, begging, I eventually accepted the damn drink! A mojito.  There, drank it and done.  We eventually all wrapped it up and went back to the hotel, about time.  I was very, very frustrated the moment we got to this place only because I had no intention of being there.  No intention, no knowledge, and no desire to sit there and drink with people.  Especially when I’m not drinking myself.


On to the next one, Hong Kong to Boston, click here.


A, x.


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