Hong Kong to Boston

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The morning of Sunday, November 8th, we headed to and arrived back in Hong Kong until our time to go back home to Boston on November 10th.

Hong Kong was stunning and just a very beautiful and people-place.

I finally visited a place where we drive on the opposite of the road from America, travel on the left and steering wheel on the right.  It was pretty weird, but I loved it because it was different from my normal.

We arrived at the Shangri-La hotel, and had to wait between 2-3 hours for our hotel to be ready!  That sucked but we killed time by getting breakfast, because it was about 10:30 AM there, and just sat around in the lobby until we could enter ready rooms.  I didn’t mind it too much, it was more time for me to just sit back and relax because all this flying was definitely catching up to me.

We met up with one of our designers from Korea, JK and his wife.  Great people, and an even better couple.  I could see how much he loved his wife, and it was so sweet to watch.

Once the rooms were ready, about 1 PM, we made a plan to meet up in about 1 hour or so.  All the way up on the 16th floor, me in 1639 and boss man in 1638.  I didn’t like how close our rooms were, but he didn’t bother me or anything.  (fast-forward), we met up in the lobby, and headed to one of the many malls.  JK’s wife didn’t attend because she was really tired from traveling as well.  Hong Kong to Korea is only about a 3 hour flight, if you were wondering.

The malls were all high-end.  Let’s just say that.  The cheapest store was American Eagle, basically.  Not that I planned to do shopping anyway, but Hong Kong wouldn’t be my place to shop!  I don’t need much from Lane Crawford, Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, and all those others beautiful-t0-look-at places.  But JK did buy his wonderful wife a very nice, and small purse from Lane Crawford.  I loved it, and really considered purchasing it for myself – would only have been between $300-$400.  The usual price.  The scary part is seeing the price in Hong Kong dollars!

We wrapped up the mall time, spent a great chunk of the day there.  Back at the hotel, maybe 6PM, we headed over to dinner at Woo-loo-moo-loo, right down the street from us.  Walking distance.  The weather was beautiful during the day, but unbelievable at night.  Our hotel, and restaurant, were by the water so it was just a very nice night with the slight warmth but cool breeze.  I wore a long-sleeve out.  Got pasta, again!  Day 2 for the win.  Carb me!

Wrapped that night up.

The next day, we went on a little adventure.  In Hong Kong, there is an attraction, The Peak Tram, that brings you all the way up to one of the highest points in Hong Kong and it allows you to overlook the beautiful city and all of it’s buildings, and even a body of water.  It was so, so amazing.  We went there during the day but I truly wish I could have seen it at night.  Pictures below.



Wow, right ?!?

Lucky to have seen that.  Lucky to have been there.

After visiting there, we went to more malls (high-end, obviously), then later to dinner.  We just sat at the outside dining at our hotel, Tapas Bar.  We ordered delicious appetizers and just made a meal out of that.  I sat with my back towards the water, but I was turned to it the whole time.  I love being by the water, it’s a sanctuary wherever I may be. Especially with the city view lit up across.

After dinner, we all went back to our rooms.  I grabbed a sweatshirt, and went back to that water.

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Taken with Chrome filter on an Apple iPhone 6s.


I did have to take a selfie with it, yes.

I sat there for a couple of hours.  Taking the time to myself, finally, while being away.  Anywhere by the water feels like home to me.

After sitting by the water, Victoria Peak Harbor I believe was the area I was in, I sat at the little park behind me on a bench.  I plugged my iPod in, but then took it out when I heard live music being played behind me.  The artist started singing Killing Me Softly by The Fugees, my favorite song ever!!!!  It was a great ending to my night, to my time, there.  At about 11 PM, I headed back to my room and began packing.  We weren’t due to leave until 6PM (Hong Kong time).

Again, the next day we visited yet again another mall.  A mall a day keeps…keeps what away, exactly?

Kind of just bullshitted the whole day away up until it was time for us to leave.  I toured around the area at about 1 PM because I was scheduled to check out at 12.  So I gave my luggage to service and went on my way.  There wasn’t too much to see in the area I was in, no souvenir places!  Not good ones, anyway.  But it was nice to view the streets, though.

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They were a little early with the season’s greetings (2 weeks before Thanksgiving), but it was still nice!


I eventually sat on a brick wall on a curb, and watched traffic fly by me.  I made a Time Lapse video, I view it every now and then.
It was eventually time to head to the airport and board our plane.  I grabbed seat 22D, requested that I have an independent, window seat.  With no one beside me.

En route to Boston,

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I didn’t sleep well at all on the plane home compared to when I left for Hong Kong.  Going there, I slept 11 hours from Boston and the rest I was occupied with movies, music, or reading.  Going home, I slept very, very little.  I was up the majority of the 15 hour flight.  It was dreadful, my jet-lag was about to eat me up and spit me out.

And arrived,

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9PM in Boston, but I’m good!  Look at that Boston view, love it.  What a sight to see.

The jet-lag definitely screwed me over.  I always kept thinking I was 13 hours ahead, and my sleep was all jacked up.  I fell asleep at 11PM until 2 AM, stayed awake until 7AM (unpacked, did laundry and cleaned my room at 4AM), and fell back asleep until 9AM.  It was extremely rough, but I guess I survived.

Well, there’s my series of events from Boston to China and back.

I hope you enjoyed,




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