Xiamen to JinJiang


First of all…who knew China had palm trees?!

Last time I left off at boarding the plane, Dragon Air, to fly to Xiamen.  Dragon Air is owned by Cathay Pacific, fun fact.

20,500 feet up and 308 miles to go.  Can’t tell ya what the weather in Hong Kong was because I never saw the outside; but I know it was about 60 degrees F.  So 20-something degrees C.  It was cloudy, could have never guessed if it was hot or cold out.

So we got on the plane and took off.

Headed towards seat 31A in section 20.  Located it, sat down.  (Again, kept my bags with me by my feet).  Then I guess David seat was 31C because he sat down next to me.  I didn’t know his seat was by mine so that was a surprise.

About 15 minutes after we took off I guess it was time to feed us animals in a flying metal tube, my boss says “you want this meal?” I replied, “what is it?” He says it’s a pork sandwich.  Okay…ya, I’ll try it.

But now that I’m overseas I’m inspecting my food before it reaches my mouth.  So I opened up this “pork sandwich” and this is what it was…..

Needless to say I strongly rejected that.  (I wasn’t hungry anyway but does a girl really need to be hungry to eat?). Last time I saw pork it did not look like that.  The cookies weren’t good, as you can see I at least tried that.  And I hate OJ.  So I just acted like that meal never happened and waited for someone to come get it the heck away.

I turned my head toward the window, pressed play on my blue iPod Nano that I’ve had since 2006 and let Let it Go by James Bay play on.  And it’s a damn good iPod, that’s why I still have it.


  It was a short flight, an hour or less.  We exited the plane, went to baggage claim and flew through immigration with no problem.

Now in JinJiang.

From the airport we went to our hotel, Marco Polo.  I’m on the 8th floor and David is on the 12th.  I’m not picky with hotel rooms, but I always love a good view to wake up or go to sleep to.  And this is what I get in room 805 —


Yeah, so that’s where I stand.  The room is okay.  The carpets look a little used and abused, but I have slippers and socks.  There’s no iron!!!!! There’s a weighing scale, but no iron?

Great.  Knew I should have packed neater.

JinJiang is nothing hot and special from what I’ve seen so far.  Just a regular place, a little broken and bent.

People beep their horns for fun, can tell you that.  There are scooters/mopeds every where.  Passengers just hop right on behind the driver, both of their legs to the left or right side.  No helmet, not holding on.  I guess they’re used to this.  Earlier I saw a little girl standing infront of the driver, and then a woman sitting behind the driver.  Remember this is on a moped.

2 things caught my interest the most.  We were heading to the hotel and a pedestrian, male, was waiting to cross.  Wearing pants, his left leg was rolled up about 4 inches above the ankle, and his right leg was normal straight down.  He looked all sorts of distraught.  Shortly after, I looked down an alley way and I saw a man walking backwards.  I found this to be a little strange.  He was by himself, and normal as ever – walking backwards.  Arms swinging in sync with his feet and everything.  I almost thought I was seeing the new Snap Chat rewind filter through my own eyes.

We each played around with 30 minutes in our hotel rooms before heading out to our office.  I didn’t shower because I wouldn’t have time, so I saved it for now (currently taking a bath and posting).

I met the people I usually exchange emails with.  Catherine, Iris, Anby, Steven, Carson and Taylor.

We did our office talk, what’s good what’s bad.

I was starving. David was too.  The only options I had for food was Pizza Hut and McDonalds.  I’m immediately like wow….great. David chooses McDonalds because Pizza Hut kinda sucks.  I found myself to be upset by these options.  I am not going to eat terribly just because I’m overseas.  Luckily, when I opened the Room Service book today the first thing I saw was a Cesar salad.  Something I know.

He orders me 2 cheeseburgers (one would have done) and himself 2 Big Macs.  Fries for each.

Waited forever for that gross food.  I used to like to have McDonalds occasionally, but lately I’m screaming no thank you.

Inspected, check.  It didn’t look appetizing, but I really had no other choice.  So I ate and felt gross with myself and wasn’t long until my stomach began to hurt.

I eventually had to pee, so David showed the way.

This is what the toilets looked like —

The only stall with a normal toilet had the words “VIP” written above it.  Today I was VIP because I absolutely used it.

I went back to the conference room in shock.  I asked David why the hell their toilets are on the ground.  And he explained that overall it’s actually supposed to be better for your health so squat when you have to go #1 or #2.  I’m going to look into that.  I thought it was because you wouldn’t be catching as much germs as sitting on the toilet.  Which, I always cover in toilet paper in unknown, public places.

At 4:45 we headed back to the hotel and I was extremely exhausted.  David texted me asking if 7:45 AM was okay to meet for breakfast – a little early, but yes.  We have to be at the office by 9:30 tomorrow morning because we have meetings all day with material suppliers all the way up until 5:30 PM.  I guess this really is a business trip.

I threw on a sweatshirt, bumped the heat up (love the heat) and took a long nap.  I sometimes got interrupted by incoming FaceTime calls by my dad and sister, and texts by my best friend and mom.  But I ignored them all due to how tired I was.

I officially woke back up around 11 PM, and definitely turned the heat down and turned the AC up.  I tried getting ahold of everyone since its around 11 AM back home but I guess everyone is busy or something because I got no answers until later.

So I started a bath and decided to read my “book” I recently mentioned, Diary of an Oxygen Thief.

I put that away after a little bit because maybe it wasn’t too smart to bring it near water.  Plus, that iPad means a lot to me because it was owned by my grandfather that passed away in April this year.

I did have on Nature Radio on Pandora but the damn thing wouldn’t stop buffering, and just when it did have a clean streak I decided to post something.

Who knows how long until I get out of this bath..

Good night my readers, from China –


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