Boston to Hong Kong



I’m a Massachusetts gal.  Home of the Massholes.

I’ve traveled to Berlin, Germany, Los Angeles, California and now China this year so far all without spending a dime of my money.  Many compliments and thanks to my job as an Assistant Product Developer for manufacturing and designing of footwear.  But I think I should maybe start documenting my travels with my readers.  Fly with me.

Adventure with me.

It was confirmed on Thursday, October 29th that I would be heading to China the following Monday night/early Tuesday morning.  I got picked up by a driver somewhere between 9:40 and 9:50 PM to head to Boston Logan International Airport to depart at 1:30 AM.  Landing in Hong Kong, connecting flight to Xiamen and then driving to our final destination – JinJiang.

I’m a procrastinator to the highest degree.  I didn’t start packing until 7 PM, three hours before I was scheduled to get picked up.  My parents get a little more stressed out when they ask “Have you packed yet?”, and I reply with a flat out “Uh, nope”.  What do you even pack for business trips?  Not my first rodeo and I still can’t figure it out.  I threw in my underwear, bras and socks because those are no-brainers.  Lotions, bobby-pins, chargers and the usual shit that are so necessary to pack when traveling.  Especially foreign adapters. IMPORTANT. Never forget that.  I chose to wear black basic leggings, a thin Grey sweater, a white basic tank top all from H&M, with UGG moccasins that were purchased for me for Christmas by a boy that I never worked out with.  Thanks for the slippers, though.  Also a red, beanie knit hat from Madewell that I love so much.  In my Vans backpack I packed my journal, iPad, toothbrush/floss/mouthwash and paste, Aleve, and an Obey olive green/leopard pullover sweatshirt.  In my purse I travel with my main squeeze, Burts Bees.  Eyeglasses.  Phone charger + portable battery, passport wallet and Starbursts.  I try to keep it minimal with carry ons,  no one wants to lug around exhausting weight.

I don’t get nervous with traveling anymore without family or friends.  Well, it’s not that I don’t get nervous but I’m just getting more used to it.  This is my third time leaving on business and safe to say I officially handle the distance and time change like a champ.  My flight from Boston to Hong Kong was about 15 hours or so.  Hong Kong is 13 hours ahead from the East Coast.  I fell asleep before we even took off.  I also pretended to be asleep at first because I didn’t want the flight attendants to bitch about my backpack and purse being by feet and not “stowed away” so I wrapped myself in the blanket that was sitting in my seat, 21D section 213 on Cathay Pacific, and it was game over from then on.  I hate when my things are away from me,  mainly because I hate moving.  I don’t want to get up and reach above (I’m only 5 feet and 1 inch) to grab my iPad.  So I sneakily find a way for it to be by my feet.  SUE ME.  In Business Class, it’s a pretty sweet way to fly long ways.  You have more foot room, bigger seat, and you get to recline without anyone grunting at you.  I slept maybe 11 hours out of that long flight.  I read 75 pages of The Diary of an Oxygen Thief book I downloaded on my iPad, since they stopped making prints for that book in 2013.  It’s about a guy who honestly tells about his life with Alcholism and the love for hurting woman emotionally.  Sounded intriguing, I love brutal reads like that.  I eventually did away with that and went back to sleep.

It’s nice to be able to do all this stuff with turning only 21 years old next week.  Sometimes I wish I gave myself time to be a teenager.  But shit, I’m doing what I imagined.  What I crave.  Traveling.

I haven’t seen what outside of this airport looks like yet.  Hong Kong International Airport.  My boss and I are waiting for our connecting flight to Xiamen, Fujian departing at 9:35 AM here.  Right now it is 8:25 here.  We are sitting in the Cathay Pacific Business Class lounge.  In the lounges you will find many seats, complimentary bottomless beverages and foods, and just a little bit of R&R.  Soon we will have to walk to our gate that is located in East Bum, Gate 65.  My phone is on 5%, but with me in my bag is my portable battery charger that will charge my phone up to 3x.  21st century, huh?

Boss and I are now super speed walking to Gate 65 because we lost track of time.  This short flight we may just miss!  We have a “ticket guy” that takes care of our flights.  David took it upon himself to travel from Hong Kong to Xiamen so we got economy class.  If our ticket guy took care of our flights then we would have had business to Xiamen.  No biggie though.

We caught a train (in the airport) to our gate.  En route.  I told my boss, David, that I should really start learning different languages, and he told me that the company will pay for language classes.  May have to take up that offer.  I don’t even know my own language, Portuguese.  Pathetic.

Well, made it to the gate.  Now boarding!

Be back, for the next post click here.


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