Answer This: 96.9

I was listening to my favorite radio station, Hot 96.9 this morning while fighting through traffic on my commute to work from Taunton to Attleboro.  Listening to the throwback jams, the latest news that happened between 5 PM yesterday evening and 7 AM this morning, and other things.

Wiggy mentioned an update with Mila Kunis, she basically said that if her daughter was in trouble, killed someone, she would hands down help her daughter hide the body.  Back her daughter up 100%.

Pebbles disagrees.

Pebbles’s argument is that they wouldn’t teach the child anything.  She went on to repeat “What does that teach them?”.

But, Pebbles, just because a person goes to jail for the crime they committed, it doesn’t mean they learned anything.  It doesn’t mean they won’t do it again when they have the chance.  So your point of asking what in the world that would teach them doesn’t teach them anything more if they were to serve time and be released.

Two callers said they would for sure help their child cover it up.

Pebbles still can’t fathom why on earth anyone would do that.

If my nephew, since I don’t have children and he’s the closest thing to it, did something as tragic and devastating as that I’m not sure where I would stand.  I would help him through the lowest of lows and stand with him at his highs.  But here’s the thing with killing someone and either A) hiding it or B) turning yourself in/getting discovered:

A:  I would definitely contemplate helping my nephew.  There, I said it.  I would do whatever it takes to keep him safe.  However, that goes against how we are raising this sweet 9-year-old boy.  He is not a liar.  He is as honest as he can be.

In the summer, I was teaching him how to swim.  He’s been afraid to get in the water without a float.  I was in the water holding out my right hand to reach him, and I said “Do you trust me?  Do you trust Tia Adele?” he replied, ‘What’s that?”. I said, “do you trust me – like, do you believe me?  Do you believe in me?”  He said, “oh, yeah.  Yeah, I trust you.”  I said “okay, then grab my hand and learn how to swim.”; and he did, he learned how to swim almost successfully in one day.

I can’t keep him safe from A or B, no matter how much he trusts me.  Who is to say his mistake won’t drive his soul mad?  I can’t say “Okay, Tia will help you.  It will all be okay.”  Because it won’t.  It will not be okay.  He will live with the fact he hurt someone for the rest of his life, at home or behind bars.

Pebbles, helping him hide the body versus turning himself in teaches nothing except the law and how the system works.  I may have agreed with you better if you had a different argument and point of view to look at, but wondering what it would teach a person doesn’t do anything for me.

I have no idea what side I would play on.  I’m going to assume this is meant for an accidental situation or self defense, and not cold blood murder.  So, do I help my nephew hide the body because it was an incident that went wrong and although that person didn’t deserve to die, does my nephew deserve to spend maybe his whole life in prison?  No, not really – I don’t think my nephew would deserve to spend his whole life in prison.  People scream about justice, but what people want is closure.  You want to finally be at peace and I’m not sure if taking one life in exchange for another one is what you call peace and closure.  Sometimes, I think people should just scream forgiveness.  For themselves.

Or, would I urge my nephew to turn himself in?  Would I turn him in myself if he didn’t?  Maybe I would.  There is something about the truth that always needs to be told.  The first mistake a human makes with the truth is thinking it won’t matter.  But it’s not only about the truth being said and confronted, it’s one’s well being.  Hurt people hurt people and I don’t think my nephew would fall under that.  There are people in this world that feel no remorse, don’t even acknowledge the impact of their actions.  I would feel remorse, and I know my nephew would because he is not one of those damaged people.  The only way I know how to “move on” from things is to face them head on and confront them.  Address it fully no matter the wrong I may have done and the pain I may have caused, and I would try to have my nephew see it like that.  But also, everyone has the right to mourn.  A person, a mother, father, sister, brother or loved one should never be robbed their right to mourn their loved ones missing presence.  And I guess that’s where the line would be drawn and a person should be turned in.

Hiding the body would teach my nephew nothing except how far loyalty and love goes.

Turning himself in would only make him practice what he has been taught already.

So see, Pebbles, it isn’t about teaching.  It’s about morals.  You either hide the body because you love that person or you turn them in because you love that person.

What would you do?





(image provided by Lior + Lone)

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