Daddy’s Angel

I have a great relationship with both of my parents.  My mom and dad have always been the best to me.  But today, I’m going to address and admit: I’ve always been a daddy’s girl.  I always looked forward to those weekends with him.  At 20 years old, working full time and driving, I still go to see him on the weekends or maybe during the week.  And sometimes I spend the night with him and my little brother, Luke.  He’s my best friend, at the end of the day him and Luke will always be more important than any other Saturday night plans that might occur.  I just don’t know how to thank him for everything he has done for me, and with me.

Thank you,

  • For always being there: You like to laugh about the day in 4th grade, at Nature and Me, that I cried because you weren’t there with me.  You may not have jumped through hoops, literally, but you’ve jumped highways for me.  Whenever I needed you, you were always there.  So there you were, Nature and Me, miles and miles away from where you were that day – you showed up.  You put all my tears to rest, and you still do.  When I’m being the ultimate little girl and crying about how I don’t want to grow up on every passing birthday – you’re there to comfort me, and tell me it’s all okay.  You break it all down and make me understand that it’s just the way it goes.  You taught me to have a good judgement, and speak no evil.  If and when you had to tell me the ugly truth about a situation you would then say But don’t let that change your view on that person.  You don’t need to have bad blood because of what you heard.  You always made sure that my mind is my own, and I shouldn’t base my opinions or judgements off of someone else’s. You taught me how to blow-dry, and comb my hair correctly.  You taught me how to dress well, you taught me how to be an independent person, and I’m a fairly good driver because you taught me.  I’m just so lucky to have you as my dad.

FullSizeRender (2)

Dad, Luke, and me – Portugal ’14

  •  For putting my happiness first: Dad, you don’t forget a thing.  I hear about my Barbie doll days way too often.  I know you want to hear it for the rest of your life so here it goes:  thank you for getting me that big Barbie ship for my dolls.  Thank you for getting the ship, car, airplane and the whole damn collection.  Thanks for making a great life for my Barbie.  Thank you for always keep me happy, not with just with the dolls, electronics, and toys, but with love and concern.  I thank you so much for always carrying a video camera in your hand back then, capturing so many moments we had.  You always make sure I’m going out and having a good time – because you want to know I’m living, and I’m living happily.  If I’m not out and about, you get concerned that I’m not happy – but I am, I’m perfectly fine.  I took the torch from you on deciding and knowing what is best for me, don’t doubt me.

You know this, but my favorite home video to watch over and over again will always be the one from my Communion.  In my little white dress, riding shot gun while you’re driving and pointing the recording video camera on me, asking me what do I want to be when I grow up.  I was so hungry from that dreadful process of a Catholic milestone, I just couldn’t stop saying Eat.  Because I’m hungryyyy. Dad, I’m hungryyyyy. You just kept asking and asking, and I kept repeating and crying out for my hunger to be taken care of.  You had enough, you seriously asked me and I knew it was down to the nitty gritty: Adele, seriously, what do you want be when you grow up? I answered, staring straight ahead at the road we’re driving on in my little white dress with my hair half clipped back, I said: to be happy. So proudly, you said That’s righttttttt! That’s when you knew you raised a good egg.  You did alright, Dad, ya did alright.  Oh, and don’t think I won’t thank you for ALL the times you let me stand on your feet while you were walking.

image1 (1)

  • For pushing me and having my back: You are the best support system I could ever imagine having.  Your lectures always cut me like a knife – I know you always knew best, but I wanted to know best too.  Thank you for making me turn my car around after heading home after a job interview/offer, you said Adele, there is nothing to think about.  Turn your car back around and tell him you want the job.  I did, I always did what you said.  Maybe I don’t do what you say on spot anymore, but I always consider it.  I don’t trust you because you’re my dad and I should, I trust you because you’re my dad and I can.  Here I am, at this great job with great opportunities with great experience from the school you forced me to go to.  I hated how strict you were when I was younger, but now I understand why.  The world is a cruel place, you knew that and I didn’t.  I’m sorry, and thank you.  I was lucky enough to have such an involved dad.  Calling a manager of a company I applied for when I was younger then got the job, that was because of you.  I would have never called the manager on my own and asked if he/she reviewed my application and resume yet.

Thank you for always making sure I’m where I’m supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing.  Thank you for always wanting me to sing, you know I love it so you encourage it.  Thank you for always asking if I still write poetry, sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t, but you always encourage it.  Thank you for suggesting I make a blog, it’s working for me.  Never would have thought of it if you didn’t encourage it.  (I know you don’t like cards so here’s a post just for you.)  Thanks for going on Google and searching open-cast callings because I’ll say I want to be an actress.  Thanks for believing me when I say I wanted to do something but ended up not finishing – like singing lessons, softball, basketball, cheer leading, hip-hop, acrobatics.  Whatever it was, the motivation to pursue was because you were always pushing me.  You taught me that the only things I couldn’t have are the only things I didn’t chase.


My aunt’s wedding ’98

  • For being you: You are the man with everything without having much.  You are a simple man.  You are you.  I am me.  I am you, and you are me.  I am my father’s daughter.  You know so much about so much, you teach me every single day.  You’re so effortlessly funny, your sarcasm and stubbornness know no bounds.  But, you’re a realist.  I admire so much how positive you see everything.  You’re so you.  I can’t imagine you being ANY different.  You can’t wait to be old, you can’t wait to be on a scooter and have Luke and I feed you applesauce – but I can.  I don’t even want to think of a day that I would have to live without my best friend, without my dad.  You’re so family oriented, thank you for that.  You made sure I knew family is #1 to us.  We recently went out to eat and had a delicious meal, you said “See, this is why nice cars and a lot of money doesn’t matter, because nothing beats food like this!”  It was only sushi, good sushi – but only sushi.  You loved it.  You just appreciate everything.  What would I do without my morning calls from you everyday?  When you’re angry and need to vent, you call me.  When you see a funny commercial and can’t stop laughing, you call me.

Luke got you’re crave for knowledge and science, and I got your crave for life.  A good life.  I have a love and hate relationship when you miss my calls because you’re too busy playing Call of Duty.  But I love that you’re a frequent flier on YouTube, and a sucker for singers on American Idol and X-Factor.  Maybe one day I will apply for a show like that and show up on that stage as a contestant.  I’ll do that less for me, and more for you.  I know you imagine me being on there when you watch it, and you would tear up with joy like those other parents do just for being proud that their child was brave enough to do it, whether they move on to the next round or not.  I love that you’re 44, and still so young. I love that you’re always up for an adventure, a good time, and a laugh. I can only hope other fathers and daughters can share a bond something like ours.  You couldn’t wait to spoil your little girl with love, tears, laugh and protection.


Christmas ’14

You’re a great, great dad and everyone knows you deserve that credit.  Everyone knows Luke and I are your life, and we relish in that.  We thank you so much for dedicating yourself to us, always.  Years ago, on Christmas, when I was a little girl you gave me a gold chain with a gold charm saying Daddy’s Angel on it.  I still wear it, and I still am it.  I will always be Daddy’s Angel.  I’m a great, young woman because of you.  I am who I am because of you.

image1Portugal ’14.


Daddy’s Angel.

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