How to Pick ‘Em

This one is for those interested in women.  Or, even if you find this to be you maybe it would help lead you to your lover.  You’re welcome.  I’m interested in men, but as I was washing my car the other day I had a lightbulb moment like in Despicable Me.

Here it is…

Pick your girl like you would pick your strategy of a car wash.

If she gets out and washes her car herself:

1. She gets down and dirty:

She isn’t afraid to get wild.  It’s a very serious thing when you get your feet, hair, and new favorite shirt wet to us girls.  However, I hope you run into the girl that realizes it’s not the end of the world if any of those components get wet and ruined.  However you interpret gettin’ down and dirty is, she can handle it.  She can have a little play and spray you with the super soak so you’re all wet, and clean your naughty, dirty self off with the foam brush.

2. She is committed:

Some people love their car like it’s their baby.  Others wait to wash their car until it’s basically camouflage with dust, dirt, and whatever else.  So if you happen to find the girl that loves to wash her car, that’s great.  Also means she keeps clean.  But if you find the girl that gets out and washes her car herself, it means a lot.  She’s so committed to the car that she gets out and does it herself, she makes sure her baby is going to be clean with all the TLC it can get.  It also totally means she’s not lazy, so let that be one of the most important things.

3. She is risky:

Who has time to check the weather?  Suns out, hose out.  (Don’t be fresh, I really meant water hose)  As soon as that daring, sun comes out it’s time for a car wash.  Especially if it’s a white or black car, you most likely need a car wash everyday.  But even if it’s going to rain tonight or tomorrow, at least all the dead bugs and stuff is gone for until the next time the car meets the wildlife again.  She’s chill and laid back enough that even if rain comes she understands that’s a car wash, too.  Win, win to her.

4. She makes time:

You’re busy?  That’s okay, she has a flexible schedule and will make time if you’re down to hangout.  Giving your car wash is no 1-2-3 thing (if you’re serious about it, that is).  She will spray the water, soap it down, spray it again and inspect that all the blemish is off her baby…if not, rinse-lather-repeat.  That takes time and lovin’.  She takes time to do all of that, because she cares.  So really consider that.

Just to let ya know…I wash my car….if you’re ever lookin’…..





(image provided by Jeff Wasserman)

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