Tonight’s Forecast:

It’s raining tonight.  Drizzling.  Pouring.  Misting.  Showering.

All the above.

I love rain.  I’m on the fence about the smell of it, but I love to know when it’s coming.  Really is the calm before the storm.  How many times do you really get to know when something is about to happen?  Pretty often we’re left hanging in the air.  Even when someone says they’re going to call you, sometimes they don’t.  They’re going to come, but they didn’t.

The aroma of precipitation never fails you though, does it?  Whether it deluges your streets, grass, garden or mind — you know it’s there and you knew it was going to happen.  So I’m never really mad at, you, Rain.

How can I be mad at something that brings me so much damn peace?  I’ll tell you how, because with that peace sometimes brings pain.  There is something about the rainfall that gets me all caught up.  You relax me and rev my mind up all at once, you’re quite the mediator.

To match with it, I have on my Nature Radio on Pandora (like every night) but it sounds like this — right here and right now — is the perfect time to have it on.

Tonight I resumed back to me.  I resumed back to what I love.

I wrote two poems.  I missed that terribly.  Passion, I’ve missed you.  Maybe, I could have completed that initiative on my own, but without the help of rain and Empty Shore playing on Nature Radio Pandora, I would have never finished what I started.  To you it may be a hobby, but to me it’s a misplaced necessity that I’ve found tonight.

I sleep best when it’s thundering and lightening out.  To hear something louder than my thoughts and see something spark in such a dark room, it sends electricity through me.  Literally and figuratively, I guess.

I feel gentle, and protected in a thunderstorm.  Isn’t that ironic?  I’m not afraid of you — Rain, Thunder or Lightening.  I’m fascinated and captivated by you, because you fear no one.  You just never fail.  When you rain, you pour.  Just like they say.  You let us know when you’re near, and you let us know when you’re leaving.  Sometimes you hurt, harm, or scare — but I guess we all get faced with those things, even from people we thought we never would.

But that’s where Rain steps in again, to wash it all away.

Instead of hating it for stealing the shine away from the sun, let it happen for what it is.  Let it heal you at night, something the sunshine can’t do.

Rain, flowing melody

Flooding my thoughts, becoming my own enemy
I’m missing you most on nights like these
One time, I want to sleep in your arms
After a night of intimacy –
Can you just have this moment with me?
At a point in my life
where I wait for you
At a point in my life
where I wait for me
When will I be ready to face myself
Just call it a day and throw it under my belt
The rain.. It just gets me
It’s pouring and then misting and then showers, it’s all over the place
Drips and drops and bloops and plops and it’s driving me insane
Flowing melody
Set me free
Let me sleep and dream of where I want to be
With him
With you
Doing all the things disguised lovers would do
I could kiss the rain
I could love it
I could forgive the sky for the nights it’s left me crying with it over nothing
Back and forth on this boat
The rain is reaching right up to my nose
Drown out the sound!
Flowing melody, God damnit, why is the rain so loud!
But it soothes me
It settles me
And it brings me back down
This peaceful, flowing melody keeps my head from spinning around
From thoughts of you. (AC:3/27/15)

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