Can’t Miss Ya Til’ Ya Gone

Love me from a distance.

I love to miss you.  If we’re together all day everyday, we would never have a chance to miss each other.  You going to the store to pick up milk isn’t enough. Perhaps.. I’m gonna say it, I’m gonna say it.. *aaaachooo* distance does make the heart grow fonder.

Some couples love to be with each other.  More power to you, totally not against you love birds.  I don’t think this has to do introverts vs. extroverts, I think it’s just the way things go. (que Thomas Rhett)

You could be across the US in Oregon, while I’m here in MA and that just might be OK with me.  It would be okay because that would force us to communicate with each other without dreading it.

That’s more nights alone and less date-nights.


That’s another reason to book a flight.  To take a long ass road trip.  To go hiking when I’m there, and wander around Boston when you’re here.  We could text, call, or we can make it dramatic and write emails instead.  I’m really into letters, too.  Skype, FaceTime, it all works for me.  I’m not a huge fan of sending a text, it strips the emotion and urgency out of everything.  I’m terrible with my phone, point blank.

Nothing will stop me from seeing your face, but distance will stop me from touching it.  But I’m sure that when I can, it will be a moment to save because it’s just been that long since I’ve seen you.  And I guess I’ve just missed you that much.

Distant relationships demand trust.  You have to trust your partner.  You have to trust yourself.  If you had trust issues prior to this relationship it was A) a blessing or B) a lesson.  Having a distant relationship could discipline you, it could teach you to trust.  Trust takes patience, anyway.  Distant relationships require a whole hell of a lot of patience.

It all depends on the person you are.  Some people are more independent than others, and that is not a terrible thing at all.  I think it’s great, and the sweetest love if you want to be with your partner all the time.  I’m most certainly not saying – hey, go out and find yourself someone miles, and miles away from you!   But, if it comes your way, don’t be shy of it.  See if it can work for you.  Anything can happen, ya know?



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