International Day of Happiness 2015

Is it just me or did no one else know?  Overhearing the 6 o’clock news preview, and I’m like “its awhoawatta?”  International Day of Happiness, ay…

First day of Spring, too.  But guess what?  Reporting live from New England: it’s snowing.  So you KNOW there’s no happiness over here.  This is like saying your birthday is Tuesday, but you celebrated it on Friday so actually Friday was your birthday.

It’s weird to have a Day of Happiness, because just about everyone walking will claim their depressed or something along those lines.  Maybe this day is supposed to brighten your spirits.  Not really sure what the real goal is. Seems like every day is International Day of Something.  But clearly no one cared about it enough to broadcast it, just the news people — their job.

What would happiness do if it was on a scale of 1-10.  Imagine that!  Imagine buying or using an item that you just stick under your armpit or something and just watch the Scale of Happiness do it’s thing?  Kinda like the trouble scale in Cat in the Hat.

But what is even happiness?

Good ol’ Google definition of happiness: “the state of being happy.”

Happy definition: 1: feeling or showing pleasure or contentment. 2: fortunate and convenient.

That simple, huh?

I would love to know what makes an individual happy.  We all have our own interests, admirations and passions.

Is happiness Google’s definition, or is it something else?

International Day of Happiness.

I think it’s actually kind of sad that it has its own day, instead of being every day.  Every day should start and end with happiness.  What the hell went down in history that THIS DAY says its happy-go-lucky day?  Or did they nail it on this day because it’s the beginning of, dare I say it, spring – and that’s supposed to make you happy to begin with.

It’s gotta be something in the air.



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