International Women’s Day 2015

IWD (March 8) is celebrated for the economic, political, and social achievements of woman.  But to me, it’s more.

No matter where you are, or where you go:

Being a female is f*cking hard.  Women get put up against a lot of challenges, and just being able to breathe without being looked at is one of them.  Women finally started getting respect, but not a whole hell of a lot.

There is still a lot to be worked on, as always it’s just a growing field, but I think by 2015 we should have had our shit together by now, as a society.  Women get degraded on a daily basis.  It’s disgusting how many domestic violence cases there are, the statistics are just off the charts.  So women, I celebrate this day for you and me.  I’ve been one of the “lucky” woman to not be put in a position of physical violence from a male, to not be insulted and belittled by a man, or even a woman.

We, as women, are our worst enemies and I think it’s about time we start spreading the kindness.  You and I may not look alike, be alike, I may be skinnier or larger than you but guess what?  Our graves will always be the same size and depth and that’s all there is to it.  It’s extremely important to treat everyone with kindness, man or woman.  But females live in competition and I think that’s a real big problem.  Suicide is a crucial thing, and holy shit you’re rude, ignorant comment just might send someone over the edge.  Not everyone will have the same shell as you, and the same quick-wit as you so that’s why it’s important to treat everyone fairly.  I can’t speak for you, but for me – I don’t care about makeup.  I don’t care about how much you do or don’t wear.  Last year, I probably would have commented saying your makeup is a little bit too much, but I touched myself spiritually and now I couldn’t care less about how you live your life.  Judging someones makeup is the least of our worries as woman.  We are harassers.  We are mean. We are judgmental.  We are snobs.  We are so much more but we still are human.

As a teenager, there were times I acted really immature, not like myself.  I’m not a bully, I would never try to hurt someone, but there were things I either said or did that I wish I didn’t.  I’m an honest person though, so my honesty was actually the part that’s hurtful at times.  But then I turned 18. And then 19. And now I’m an adult, and I would never say those things again.  What really created problems was my honesty, and that’s the truth.  I’m too honest and at my young age I felt like my honest opinion really mattered.  And it really didn’t.  I was really caught up in the vicious circle of females.  Who it was that I was getting into altercations with, we’ve passed that.  We never were friends, but now we’re acquaintances.  Not everyone gives a chance to forget, though.  Don’t test the waters in this field if you can’t handle the waves.  Being a female, and being against a female is a hard, hard thing to live with.  I dish heat out, and I know how to deal with it when it comes my way.  I, myself, am a very strong person and don’t let things hit me where it hurts, but I know a lot of people who are the opposite and I worry for them, in this world of women.

The other day a couple girls (I don’t know them, I heard this from my friend) were saying if someone is fat, then why can’t we just call them fat? That’s rough, harsh and wrong.  People aren’t going to agree, and say you’re right! Unless they’re as low, ignorant, and arrogant as you.  As said before, someone can be 200 lbs larger than you but that grave…that grave stays the same.

I think as women we got we wanted from everyone else, but for ourselves.  I can speak for myself and say I’m a nice, genuine person and can really see the good and beauty in people, but I can’t speak for others.  We as woman created this hell hole for ourselves and each other, and it’s sad because a female thinks that if she’s going down then she’s coming with me.  A lot of things are done out of spite and hate.  Plotting revenge and hating someone takes a lot of damn energy, and I don’t have the time for it.

As a women, National Women’s Day is for us.  It’s for you, me, her, and them.  This is a day that says we’re in it together, no matter how much your best friend hates that girl, you need to learnto do what’s good for your mind, and your well-being.

It actually disgusts me when a female can hurt another female more than a male would.  You and I are the same, minus the materials – you and me, we’re both females.  That force should be strong enough to bring us together.

It’s extremely hard to be friends with a female, not because of how I will act- I know the person I am.  But how you may act.  I know who I can click with right off the bat, I don’t need to second guess.  It really isn’t tricking if you got it.  It’s all about the vibes. I would much rather be in a group of males because they don’t care what someone else is doing.  They’re all about themselves, and their “boys”.  They’re actually faithful and loyal to their friendship, and nothing can break the male-bond apart. Had we stopped living like we do, and started acting like boys do, we’d be in a much better place.

But it’s 2015, I guess it’s still too early to figure out that every woman is their own woman.  I don’t have time to judge you, hate you, and wonder what you say or think of me.  I’m a damn Scorpio, and I truly don’t care.  If I only have 24 hours in a day, I assume you do, too. If I spend 6-8 hours sleeping, and 8 hours at work, then guess what?  That doesn’t leave me enough time to do what I gotta do and compete with the rest of the female species. I won’t try to do it, I would never want to do it, and I will never do it.

I hope you’ve never been a victim.  I hope you’ve never felt attacked by another female.  I hope you’ve never felt attacked by a man.  I hope you never been the offender.  Just always remember it says a lot more about you, than it does about whom you’re speaking of.

There are a lot of good-heart, wonderful, genuine females out there but I don’t think there is enough. Every woman can have those same qualities, but it’s time to stop picking and choosing who gets to see that side of you. So here’s to National Women’s Day, in hopes we as woman can accept each other.  We don’t have to send Christmas cards to each other, but I send you my best wishes.



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