Generation Double O-7.

Generation 007.  Here’s the deal with this..

I think ever since I can remember preteens and teenagers were expected to act a certain way.  But all I really ever felt like when I was a preteen and a teenager was life as a competition.  It felt like it took so much to be recognized.  But then again, I think it was just my screwed up generation where everyone needed to be in the light, or thought they did.  MySpace was created in 2003 – that was 11 years ago so I was roughly around 9 or 10 years old, which was pretty young.

My Dad didn’t let me on MySpace, ever.  Valid argument because MySpace was no good to begin with, and overtime the users on it just grew, and grew.. and it got worse, and worse.  But me being a little rebel, at age of 12, I went on it anyway.  What harm can it possibly do?  Sorry, not sorry, Dad.

MySpace was like the home of cyber-bullying, in my day (does that sound wicked old?).  I never acted on it – but I witnessed a whole bunch of it.  Nasty comments, fake pages (girls were usually the creators), and even competition pages!  Yes, I said it!  Competition pages!!  Someone, whoever created this pages or were involved, would take a picture off of 2 people’s pages and put them side by side with the “vs” in between.  This meant, who was better than who?  Who was more good looking than who?  What!

First of all, that is a whole bunch of time being invested into these pages.  They require emails, and such.  But that’s what kids my age loved at the time, they loved stirring up what ever they could.  Finish their homework, if they even did it, and then BAM- social media for the rest of the night.  IM messenger for the rest of the night, and maybe even past midnight.  I had like 16 different screen names, but never a MySpace page other than my own.

I only wanted MySpace obviously because everyone else had it at the time.  My main concerns were my profile, and my privacy settings.  Cool profile background, hot new song(s), f*ck with me, you know I got it.  Somehow, predators always find their way past their boundaries on social network and I dealt with a few times. My privacy settings were very strict, I hid just about everything that it almost made it dumb to even be on the site.  No joke.  I also had top-notch privacy because I never wanted my Dad to run into me on MySpace.  I knew how much he seriously was against me being on it – but a preteen has gotta do what a preteen has gotta do, Dad!

– Hold up, wait a minute, let me put a story in it –

When I was in middle school, I was good friends with the majority of people.  There were these 2 best friends, B and N.  To try to make a long story short – the best friends turned into each other’s worst nightmares.  B just became this out of control young girl.  Started having sex with older guys than her, or even way older than her, starting sneaky out.  Lost a bunch of weight out of God knows where – she just became a mess.  N tried being a good friend, I’ll give her that, but after a while when B whirled more and more of out control, N started getting viscous.  That’s how N was, if someone didn’t do what she wanted or asked, or something didn’t go her way – she’d spiral right into hell on wheels.  N started blackmailing B, calling her mother in the middle of the night telling her what her daughter has done, harassed her in school, called her horrific names, etc, etc.  Just left B hanging in the dark, away from everyone – N made sure B basically lived a nightmare.  Now it’s 2014 – and they both have babies, daughters.  They’re both beautiful.  And for the dark road N went down, I heard she finally saw light at the end of that scary tunnel she got herself into and turned her life around.  B and N are doing well, from what I understand.  But that was my generation – it was a viscous cycle of being liked, and seeking revenge.

–     –

Time went on…MySpace was just the same song and dance and finally it ended out of no where, because Facebook came along.  Facebook was a big hit – and obviously, still is!  I actually really enjoyed Facebook, I signed up when I was about 15 or 16, this time with my dad’s OK.  My dad never wanted me to have more than like 200 friends.  How impossible.  I would never consider myself “popular” because it sounds like a mean diva term, but I would say that I was well liked.  I was well liked by people my age, and people above my age.  I did have friends in high school, when I was only in middle school. I also have an older brother and sister, so I knew even more people – more older people.  How did my dad just want me to be rude and ignore their requests?

I always had more friends on my Facebook page than my dad wanted.  I’d add anyone I liked, or knew, and until he told me to delete some friends, they stayed.  I had more than 700+ on Facebook when I was in middle school.  It’s all about the likes, baby.

Facebook was cool, I enjoyed it at the time.  But then, the trouble from MySpace migrated to Facebook.  When are these kids going to drop it??  More competition pages, more hate pages.  Like what the hell is going on here?  So that’s when I cut down my friends list by a boatload because I’m not going to give anyone the chance to try to belittle me for whatever they can.  It was crazy, and I knew it was never going to end until I’m officially done with school, in years to come.

When I was about a sophomore/junior, I introduced myself to Twitter.  I have to say, I really did love Twitter.  I thought it was the best network ever.  And I still do think so.  I loved the idea of saying whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted – freely!  On Facebook people would always bitch about you posting too many statuses.  But now, that is what Twitter is for.  To post your every thought!  I really enjoyed it.  I got some good laughs from Twitter because people made funny pages, and not negative ones.  But there were always “twitter fights”.  Here we go again….

I was unfollowing people left and right!  It was like a weight off my shoulders to not see bad energy on my Timeline.  But with the being allowed the action of “retweeting” which is kind of like, reblogging, or recycling a tweet – maybe?  That means even if you weren’t following that person, if you follow someone who retweeted it then you would be able to see it.  I just had enough of it all.  So in July of 2014, I deactivated my account.  At first, I felt super bored because I loved letting loose my every awakening thought, but people really abuse their privileges so I just wanted to be rid of it.

Instagram.  Instagram is a lot about posting pictures and videos, and I haven’t seen any negativity on it yet.  It’s the same concept of followers and following, so it’s all your choice (unless your privacy settings are set to public view).  It’s my favorite network I ever registered on, more because I absolutely love taking pictures and videos.



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