Three of The Five People You Would Meet in Heaven, told by me.

Maybe Nobody Likes You When You’re 23, but I Loved 22

Most of the time I struggle to remember things.  But, 22.. I won’t forget you.  You were good to me.  This age just felt different.  I feel like I lived more.  I laughed more.  I loved more. Since November 8th, I’ve been trying to write a post that kind of nails how this year has been for…

Sweet N Sour, Peace N Power

“Adolescent scorpions have been known to use their stingers to hunt and protect themselves. However, adults prefer to use their large pincers to kill and butcher their prey. Though they might look intimidating, emperor scorpions are actually known for their docile personalities and their sting is virtually harmless to humans.”

What Traveling Has Taught Me

Every time I step off the plane in a new place I feel like life has been restored.  Well, first I say ah, I made it. Phew.  Current events did that to me. For me, the comfort zone gets boring.  Not only boring, but it gets uncomfortable.  There comes a time when I just get really…

I’m No Harley Quinn

I’ve learned and forgot the lesson, over and over again. I’ve felt it all.  I have hit the backboard so many times just to be caught and thrown up there once more. But I got myself through it because in retrospect, I was too good.  Too good, too smart, and have too much potential to…

The Symposium

I believe there is someone for everyone. I believe in souls. I believe in love. And I really do entirely believe that every person is out here looking for their match. To crave another human like that really is something else.